welcome my name is crustytoeman

i recently started using unity3d to create games and also learn how to use JAVAscript
i am certainly still learning and there is ALOT to add to this game

Game Infomation
you are sir rufus the gentleman the local sir and drug addict. you recently took an unknown drug that is later to become known as "BatShitCrazyJuice". this game in-tales the journey through rufus's mind as he tries to escape this hell

Current Download is Pre Alpha and simply an engine test to see if certain aspects work.
- Basic Level Design ( alot of level desigh work is underway this is only VERY basic)
- One map "Rufus's trip
- no scripted end to the game (working on it)
- music
- Main Menu!!

Stay tuned for more information about my progress with this game and about what i will be adding into the next download of it either here or on my twitter account
- Twitter.com

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the first download for Sir.Rufus the Gentlemen will be coming along very soon it WILL BE VERY basic as its the first draft of my first ever game it wont have an ending and the map design will be very basic and WILL be updated regularly.

- 1 Map
- no ending
- music
- third person character control
- MENU!!

REMEMBER THIS IS MY FIRST GAME and first time scripting

Constructive critasism would be Great!!

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Sir Rufus Level 1

Sir Rufus Level 1

Full Version

WELCOME as you know my names is Crusty and this is my FIRST EVER GAMEthat i will be updating regulaly so stay tuned for more to comefirst attempt is mainly...

Sir.Rufus the gentleman Pre Alpha v.1.1

Sir.Rufus the gentleman Pre Alpha v.1.1


WELCOME as you know my names is Crusty and this is my FIRST EVER GAME that i will be updating regulaly so stay tuned for more to come first attempt is...


Hi my name is Carlos Martinez ^.^ I am a Youtube Commentator and Technician. I used to do a little developing myself on the Unity3D Engine which is what you used. The game is just frustrating to work with and lacks design. The character design is original alas its not enough to cover up the unnecessary background and floor designs. When you try to move on the platform, you can either A. Get stuck on the edge or B. not move at all. The character is just needing a bit of lower speed or a bigger platform. The music is just not right for the game as well and does not fit the tone. I'm glad you're trying but I'm not saying you're terrible. You just need more work before releasing. Thanks for reading ^.^

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