Silent Escape: Induction is a first-person shooter, reimagined version of the original Silent Escape, released in 2012. The story starts during the events of Half-Life 2. You play as on of the rebels named Shawn participation in “Silent Escape”, a plan aimed to save people from the horrors of war and send them to a safe place. But, no matter for scientific accuracy in the making of the plan, things don’t go so well...

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I personaly love this mod! The mapping was great, the action was intence, and it had perfect music! I would recommend for COD and HL2 players. I wish we had more modders like you, and one day I will try to make a mod as great as this! The slow-mo was perfect timing. I like the ending and I think it was personally a great mod for begginers and hardcore. Keep up the good work!
- gerloffmk
P.S. The story was great 10/10!

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Been playing so many other games over the last year+ that I haven't played any Source mods except " Grey " ( +7 ) and " Cry of Fear " ( which I was sorely disappointed with ). I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this mod ! Played it x2. No mod is perfect by any definition, but this one painlessly popped me right back into the HL2 'verse again and it was good to be back. I'm not going into pro's and cons, 'cause I'm not that friggin' fussy. Over all, a wonderfully planned and executed…

Sep 24 2012 by jjawinte