Siege of Turtle Enclave is a turn-based strategy game with real-time battles! Through the course of the game the player must collect resources, build and upgrade mighty structures, train a wide variety of troops, cast spells, conquer territory and wage war against a mighty foe in this innovative 4X strategy game! Take command of your troops and fight in action packed battles featuring a unique real-time-turn-based hybrid system! Deploy the right unit for the job, as these battles also feature a dual-rock-paper-scissors mechanic, with diverse and powerful unit abilities for added depth and excitement!

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The game now has it's very own website and is also on Facebook and Twitter! But events above and beyond control have hampered development progress on the actual game a bit...

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Hello again to the IndieDB community,

As for delays...

During the past few weeks, a massive (and long overdue, I might add) home improvement project has commanded all of my energy and time, involving demolition, open air, new construction, and plenty of autumn leaves (and autumn rain) falling softly into our cozy parlor, naturally the project also included buckets, plastic tarps, and copious amounts of tar (of the wet and dry variety, due to the aforementioned precipitation). However as the project is nearing it’s end and the last leaf is swept out, I am again able to devote what remains of my efforts to spending quality time developing more turtle goodness, and enjoying the comforts of a considerable increase in the square footage of our humble home.

Time not entirely wasted...

Despite the limited time I have been able to put some effort into building a proper website for the game, nothing very fancy since at this time I would prefer to put more effort into the development of the game as opposed to the frills and glitter surrounding it, I’ll save that for later. Also I have setup a page on Facebook and started an account with Twitter. I’m hoping more exposure from these sources will help boost my morale (which is always a good thing) as well as give me more feedback for the game as I develop it. I’ll include links at the bottom of the article :)

And a bit of lore...because delays leave more time for thinking...

I intend to include a bit of narrative in the game, as well as some history of the world that the game takes place in, to give the player a little more substance and create a convincing ‘atmosphere’ in the game, for I believe that the best games are considered to be the best because of their ‘atmosphere’ even more than their gameplay or graphics, however that is a topic that I could fill several articles with, so I’ll stop here...Also, adding said history and fleshing out the world could lead more easily into Expansion Packs at a later date should their be a demand (or if I just feel like making one!).

And now for a bit of useless fluff! *ahem-hem*

The great Testudinate Republic was formed during a time of great turmoil, the former Terrapinopolis Sovereignty was on the brink of annihilation and in order to save it the senate was forced to enact emergency reforms... The nation was saved from the foul invaders, but the reforms laid down by the senate in their darkest hour would lead to stifling bureaucracy, and a slow decay of the nation into corruption. As political infighting and rivalry began to take it’s heavy toll on the Republic, their ancient foe; the mighty Strigidae Horde, patiently bided their time waiting for the Republic to undo most of itself before striking a terrible blow...When at last the time came, the blow was indeed struck with the ruthless speed and aggression that only careful planning and immense preparation can allow. The Strigidae overcame the forces of the Republic in one brutal campaign... With their victory against the capital complete, the bulk of their forces enjoyed the wealth of the rich capital cities, while small raiding parties began to slowly make their way to the four corners of the remains of the great empire, as carrion birds feeding on a rotting corpse, they plundered the divided cities with impunity, all except for one. The remote settlement of Ulfvaldr, in the northern most province of the broken republic, remained defiant. The crafty Thane of the land, Valbjorn, had stopped the initial Strigidae raiding forces that had made their way north with careful use of the land and ambuscades. But the mighty Strigidae Horde will not feast in the capital for much longer, soon it will move again, to make their conquest absolute, and when that time comes it will take more than tricks to stem the tide of their wrath...

More history is also in the works, and plans to bring it to life in the game are in their early stages. I will leave you all now with links to the game’s social networking sites, and also with my gratitude for having actually read this far ;)

Until next time,

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