If turn-based/real-time Sci-Fi Strategy Games are your thing than you’ve found the right place. With Sidius Nova we want to immerse you in a fierce struggle between Aliens and Humans on your mobile device. The game consists of two parts: map and battle. On the map you command your Mothership to explore, collect resources, build and spawn ships and construct Warp Gates to outsmart your opponent. The battles are action-loaded skirmishes between fleets where you use the ships you built to push back and destroy the enemy. The right type of strategy is key here as each ship has different attributes that make it very powerful against others. If this sounds promising then have a look at the different tabs and sign up to our forum.

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Dec 7 2012 Anchor

Sidius Nova Minor Issues

I wanted to create a separate thread for minor issues found in the game. Currently based on version 1.0.0 (6)

  1. Battle Won Color

    Since the blue/green is used to indicate the strength of the enemy fleet and mothership, and orange is used for your fleet/mothership, when it says Battle Won in green, it's slightly misleading, since I've associated that color with the enemy. (Incidentally, Battle Lost is appropriately orange.)

  2. Divide Fleet

    I appreciate that, when selecting ships to divide into a new fleet, I can hold down the arrow button to select all of a ship type for the new fleet. It feels, however, that the delay is a bit on the long side (to where, typically, it is still faster to just tap the button multiple times). Shortening the delay for the button hold to select all ships would make the interface feel more responsive.

  3. Typo/Grammar

    In the story text for the humans, I think in the second system:

    “We aren't sure exactly where to look but there's a few systems that we'd like to look at first.”

    Should be there are (plural systems)

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