A long day. We’ve barely enough money to last the winter. I walk into our hovel. I hear coughing. David is curled up in a ball on the ground clutching his stomach. Oh god, he’s coughing again.

“David? David…? David!” I yelled.

He didn’t respond. I turned him over. He’s pale.

“David, you’re gonna be alright son. You’re gonna be alright.”
I ran to the apothecary as fast as I could.

“It seems like he’s contracted some evil spirits. I think its best that we let some blood.” The priest murmured.

“No, erm, I think he’ll be fine without it.” I’ve seen what bloodletting does to people. David hold on. Please God. Oh God, please. God please. I’ll have to find Victor, the herbalist.

“Did you bring David? Ah, yes good. Lay him down there… Oh god. Those sores… One moment.”

Fingers through pages in book, “Sores…”, scurries over and lays his hand on David’s head, “Fever… Coughing”, keeps fingering through pages, and finally stops.

“Oh dear… William, I’m… I’m so sorry.” He shook his head, “He has The King’s Evil. I’m… I’m sorry…” He looked away.

“What is ‘The King’s Evil’? Is there nothing you can do?”

‘Papa…’ David whispered.

“Shhh... Everything will be okay son.”

“You see these sores here on his neck? It is indicative of “The King’s Evil”. The only known cure is to have the blessing of the king.”

“Alright, I’ll have to take a caravan to the city. I’ll find him and…”

“William wait… It costs 20,000 sterling silver to see the king. I’m sorry. I can get some herbs to ease his pain, but… William… He’s not going to live.”

“No!” I shouted, “He’s going to live, how much for the herbs?” I asked.

Sigh – “30 sterling per week.”

“Are you serious? That’s twice our winter savings! Victor please.” I said pleadingly.

“20 sterling is all I can do William, I… I have a family too.” He looked at the floor again.


I’ll have to make up the five sterling somehow. I’ll take care of you son. I promised her. I will take care of you.

About the Game:

Shroud's Burden is a stealth action game being developed by Ancient Games.In 14th Century Medieval England, you take the role of William Shroud, a widowed father who struggles to keep himself and his son, David, afloat.David becomes deathly ill. William without the resources to purchase David's medicine resorts to stealing. William traverses many settings stealing and looting what he can, but will he be able to succeed saving his child, avoid capture, and deal with the consequences of his actions?
How far are you willing to go for the ones you love?


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Game Mechanics and Features

Game Mechanics and Features


Shroud's Burden will contain a variety of mechanics and features.

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