Shadow Warrior is built upon the successful Build engine, that brought you Duke Nukem 3D. Use huge 3D rotating gun turrets to mow down opponents, swim, duck, jump, drive vehicles, climb ladders, Visit realistic places and settings in the game like an airport where a plane has crashed, construction sites and more, not just dark, dreary, faceless dungeons. Intense interaction with your environment in which you can blow up nearly every object, or interact with it in some way. Ever wondered how Duke would look if he was Asian? Here's the answer.

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The only game I play and map for since 1997.

WangTastically Beautiful game of it's time!


Kickass classic that still holds up today.



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The First Person Shooter...What can I say about them? Ever since Wolfenstein 3D and DooM set the record for the FPS genre to follow by, Many games have come and gone. One of the more notable games is Shadow Warrior.

Based on the Build Engine, Shadow Warrior has you cast as Lo Wang, A Ninja Warrior on a quest to defeat Zilla and his plan to rule Japan. The Build engine is also what Duke Nukem 3D was made on.

This classic from 1996 combines the ultra violence of ninja weapons and the out there weapons with amusing "Lo Wang Speak" The Shadow Warrior variant of Duke Talk.

While it did not have the features of modern FPS games, Shadow Warrior still holds up a sign for it's Level design, Weapons, "Wang-Bang" Deathmatches, and humor.


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Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

If you enjoyed Duke3D then you should enjoy this. Its just as good if not better. Its the Asian version of Duke3D, which means its gonna be racially offensive.

The weapons are great:
Katana or Fists, Shuriken,
Riot shotgun, Uzi (+dual wield), Grenade launcher and rocket launcher,
Sticky bombs (stick to any surface including enemies), Railgun,
Guardian head (the head of an enemy that shoots fire), Ripper heart (heart of an enemy that can make a clone of you).

Powerups: fortune cookies give health boost, armor, Nuclear bombs, Heatseeker cards for rocket launcher.

Interesting enemies like female warriors, Sumos, even ghosts.

There is less nudity than Duke3D, the girls are anime girls.

Keys can be used multiple times, you have the keyscards but you also have keys for locks.

The game is more fast-paced than Duke3D but at the same time easier. My main weapon in Duke3D was a shotgun, in Shadow Warrior its the dual Uzi.

Bosses are also easier, not giant alien monsters.

Shadow Warrior provides a mixed bag, on one hand the levels are suprisingly realistic, more so than its distance foreign relatives: Blood and Duke3d. But its got a distinctively shorter campaign, smaller modding community, and bosses that really lack power against the unstoppable Lo Wang.

The weapons are pretty cool, a sword, shuriken, 2 severed demon limb/organ weapons, 2 modern weapons, 1 high tech weapon and 3 explosives that I found myself using alot which also made the game alot easier except the explosions have quite a big radius so you also have to be equally careful.

The humor is double entendre's (fortune cookies), **** jokes & some pop culture references which are all appreciated with Lo Wangs accent. The main reason to play this is for the level design (even though I did get stuck alot, many of the keys and keycards are hard to find).


This game is uber fun!


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