This is Stargate Universe (NON COMMERCIAL) game in development, this will be simulator like game, simulating life in destiny and worlds exploration.
Below you can see my live game development (sometimes something else), feel free to leave a comment here or on

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News everyone!


Let's get started - latest models!

Blueberry Alien sculpt:

Not really "blue" but this shader is quite nice :D, no hands, feet and tentacle thingies, reason for that is that I'm going to do retopology of whole model making it drastically lower poly.

Brodys still:

Maintainance (ro)bot:

May be not exactly as in show, but hey I bet no one seen its butt either, so I had to improvise, I've added 4 thrusters to help its maneuver (assuming it uses same technology as kino).

Obeservation deck, still Work in Progress:

The Shuttle:

As you can see, it is missing 5 consoles, 5 seats and couple of monitors :P Everything will be done soon enough.



Started working on it not so long ago, so yeah, that's pretty much it.

Here, cool shader to make it cooler :P

Any help is appreciated, I need any good reference shot of anything in the ship, any alien, device or even better - the outside of the Destiny!

C++ programmers, Level designers, 3d modelers, Voice actors, Musicians, 2d artists, Writers AND ANYONE IN GENERAL WITH IDEAS are welcome (I know.... Everyone... Don't mention it :D)

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Leave a comment, it is always nice...

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Other links: - from server to all the watchers Stream (more watchers the worse performance...) MAIN - peer to peer Streams (more watchers the better performance!) SECONDARY - watch more videos from me - get tweets as I start streaming

Q & A:

Q: You are so awesome!
A: That is not realy a question, but thanks!

Q: When will it get finished?
A: when it‘s done...

Q: How can I help?
A: Make concepts for worlds, aliens, spaceships and other awesome stuff, also provide me with good reference shots of Destiny, post comments.

Q: I have found these cool Stargate related models! Would you use them if I gave them to you?
A: I would only if author allows and model is good enaugh :P

Q: Why there is no real name for your game?
A: I‘m bad with names, just look at my nickname. Feel free to give suggestions.

Q: Will my computer run this thing?
A: I‘ll do my best to make it compatible with low end machines.

email -
Skype - mobididikas2

Little update

Little update


Some info on how destiny was designed; modeling updates; stargate back.

Herpa derpa

Herpa derpa


I'm in in need of at least 15 words to post this feature.


This looks amazing!

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awesome ;)

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Great Concept Art and Models! You should definitely take a look at Distant Worlds/Forums, both partys would greatly profit from each other!

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ZeusLT Creator

Lets celebrate, 10 members tracking!

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I Liked The Preview picture

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Your models looks very good!
I have some questions... When did you started your project and how many are you in your team? Did you choosen an engine?

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ZeusLT Creator

Was working on my spare time for a while (more like as hobby), but now things should speed up. My friends help me as they want and work on their spare time, I do not rush anyone. Officially at this time it is just me and Confessor. For the engine I was thinking UDK but I feel like making my own custom one.

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I'd highly recommend using UDK. Whilst you can't SELL the game, you can definitely make a good one using UDK! Especially the new one, it's so nice!

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Looks good, Love SGU and anything to do with space. I see you use blender to model or your modeler does not sure. How long have have you/him been modeling. Your very good. I would offer my help but im allready involved in to mods. I will say if you are strugling with anything just give me a PM and ill see if i can help :P I wana see this through!

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ZeusLT Creator

I am modeler. I'm glad you like it.

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