SEQUENCE STORM is available NOW on STEAM 👉

STORY CAMPAIGN: Follow Elijah Gale through a cyberpunk future where megacorporations have found a new use for human minds; doing their digital bidding in The Sequence, where speed is the only thing that matters.

EXTREME RHYTHM ACTION meets FUTURISTIC RACING. Press the buttons in time to the music to build up speed and power, using either a gamepad or keyboard. Strategize your use of special abilities to speed past the competition.

"SEQUENCE STORM is a super cool fusion of rhythm action and futuristic racing that sees you racing opponents along twisty tracks in your upgradeable anti-gravity racer." -

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SEQUENCE STORM is now available on STEAM 👉

SEQUENCE STORM is my first solo game project and I'm excited to finally release it out into the world!

This game is my vision of a rhythm game that also scratches the racing itch. It gives you the same sense of speed and competition that you get from racing games, while at the same time featuring extreme arcade rhythm action.

Hit the notes in time, using a gamepad or keyboard, you build up speed and also power that can be used for special abilities.


Both of these abilities can be used in multiple different ways.


The speed boost ability most notably allows you to temporarily break way from the rhythm gameplay, and directly pilot your rig. This can be used to steer around obstacles, or to draft behind rivals and gain more speed, or to just skip over difficult rhythm sections. The best reason to use SPEED BOOST is because it's fun!


This ability supercharges the amount of speed you get from rhythm gameplay, so it works great at sections with a lot of notes. It also prevents you from being slowed by turns in the track, so using it at the correct times can give you a big edge.

HYPER DRIFT also doubles the amount of healing you get from hitting notes, so it can be vital to survival in dangerous situations.


Follow Elijah Gale through 60 missions, with two difficulties each. Elijah is a down-on-his-luck engineer who accidentally finds a lucrative new career as a "daemon." Discover a world where megacorporations have found a new use for human minds; doing their digital bidding in The Sequence, where speed is the only thing that matters. Earn credits and upgrade Elijah's rig.


Here's how this game is different from other rhythm games. SEQUENCE STORM does not just require the player to perform a set of inputs. Players must react to changing conditions of the race, just as in any racing game. For the best possible time, you must plan and execute a route through the track using the two special abilities, SPEED BOOST and HYPER DRIFT. Also, players can earn and spend credits to outfit their rig to suit the current challenge.

So, pair your impeccable rhythm skills with the desire to race ahead of the competition, because you'll need both!

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Everything I learned from playtesting the rhythm action game SEQUENCE STORM.

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