Across the galaxy a distance planet sent a signal to the Frontier Fortress the lifeform that they were the Paccets, they were being invaded by the tribe of the OCTIES. They were kept in the underground at the Baraduke Fortress.


Claim the NAMCO Licensed paper. play in DLC update.

Final Story -

After the incident, when the Octi King has fallen the unlocked of the weapon has upgraded to blast the massive.

Sniper's Mission -

PLay as the three Blue Sniper series.

Baraduke II DEV -

Sequal of the game.

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Baraduke Remix Update


Update coming up what needs.

  • Insert Coin, Retro style of the original Baraduke/Alien Sector game
  • Extra mission for the probes.
  • More minigames.
  • Flash Video, physical effects
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Sector Frontier: Baraduke   Manual DEMO

Sector Frontier: Baraduke Manual DEMO


The manual before playing the game. This is the DEMO manual on a first released Demo play.

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