Second Life is the leading 3D virtual world. It's a space where you can be whoever you'd like, build and sell whatever you can imagine, and have fun with others from all over the globe while you explore unique virtual environments, listen to live music performances, play games, shop in the world's largest user-generated virtual goods economy, and much more.

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honestly its all good fun, you can meet new people, roleplay and even create your own objects to sell. secondlife isn't for everybody but if your interested in it I definatly suggest at least trying it


Quite simple, It's the only one of its kind so far and it's an astonishing achievement that it still exists and being in development anyway. You can't compare it today as it was 9 years ago. So, there are still technical flaws they keep working on, like the lag many complain about. It's reasonable faster today. Just keep in mind that this platform runs at 100% in real time. That goes for everything you do or see and they manage to keep the entire grid of roughly 26k regions up and running for 24/7. So, what's the mission in SL anyway? Well, that's like asking: how far can I take my imagination. You could spend a life time to figure out all its creative tools, collaborate or improve your sense for fashion. SL's avatar fashion is the most sophisticated of any virtual worlds/sandbox games and you really don't need to spend a dime for quality stuff. Or you can meet some of the most interesting people from around the globe. Finding people who are not socially inept can be one difficult task, yes, but that goes for the entire Internet these days. The average intellect is far away from YouTube comments after all. There are hundreds of subcultures and mini games around. It takes some time to get comfy with the mechanics but that can be a lot of fun with some patience. Immersing can help to learn about unconscious aspects of yourself, boost your self-confidence in real life, or improve social skills. They don't say for no reason that SL is a paradise for Asperger's. Of course, such a platform contains psychologically risks but that just proves its potential. Just don't take it too serious and have fun.

Been using Second Life for 6 and half years now, Lot's of improvments since rod came through the door, more to be expected with philip building a new VR. expect good things from this.

The general idea of Second Life is that you can be whoever you want and do whatever you like but this is the usual case of a really good idea but the worst kind of execution as most of the interface is just mind numbing and too complicated to really provide a smooth "immersion" so to speak.

I guess you could say that it's all about taste but this has the potential to be so much more than it really is and I say this because I used to be on second life but I quit shortly after giving it a chance because it could not live up to my expectations of it, which it very well could have if it was done more user friendly.


From all the years I've been on here, it's really a hate/love relationship with the game. The social media game is really up to whoever experiences it, as it's like playing a Facebook game with a 3d graphic interface. The people you meet on here varies and for my own experience, I've been friends with them for years and we do all sorts of things, including tweaking with the photography options and techniques, building projects, to roleplaying out our favorite movies, or an original area, as roleplayers in a diverse community. I would recommend this to anyone whom is open minded and don't mind spending a moment to experience what I've experience on their own pace and interest.


I love Second Life,
I am online most of my life.
You can do anything and be anyone you want, without any rules.
It's even free to use Second Life, but I upgraded to a premium account about one year ago.

I have been using Second Life for YEARS, and I love it. I tried IMVU once and it wasn't all that I hoped it would be. The biggest differences that did it for me were that I could walk around and the graphics. You can fly in Second life, run, jump, do gymnastics, ski, jetski, walk, etc. You can be anything from a human to an animal, and the graphics are just amazing.

The only down falls of the game are the slowness, from all the users, and the perverts or non friendly people. I don't go on websites to be a porn star, so I don't want guys messaging me asking me to bang every five seconds, and I find it hard to make friends on here. I do have quite a few friends, but it took me a long time to make them.

The only things I would change is that you can be invisible and online if you would like to be, like if you would like to shop, or build, without anyone interrupting could. it would be nice if we had more user friendly players on the game. I love the friends I have, but I have seen a lot of people who are in a club and yell at people for talking in the chat box itself. And the last change I would make is to stop the lagging, the booting, and the days where you're just a white cloud.

I know they are working on a lot of these issues, and in all virtual reality games it is the best one I have seen. You can be anything and do anything. Start a career, start a talk show, DJ, be a surgeon, be a dog, etc. It's just incredible that there is a place like this.

Second Life is in some cases also a game, but further more its a gigantic platform for bringing our imaginations to life :)


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I've been in sl for years it is a chat room with extras.. you can burn out but I still enjoy it...


Too many technical problems.

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honestly its all good fun, you can meet new people, roleplay and even create your own objects to sell. secondlife isn't for everybody but if your interested in it I definatly suggest at least trying it

Aug 28 2013 by dragomast