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Saviour Of Strength is a Quake 3 Stand-Alone featuring the iD Software FPS Game' With twists and turns SoS aims to bring “YOU” the player a new dimension to Dragonball and more importantly online community gaming' Saviour Of Strength are aiming to replicate DBZ into a atmospheric multi-player game' Game Features: + Energy System + Movement System + Attack System + Melee System ============= Energy System ============= The energy system built into SoS involves 3 elements Fatigue, Ki and your Powerlevel' Fatigue ------- During the course of the game your stamina meter represents your ability to perform' Whilst high you can easily produce ki attacks and execute melee attacks' Stamina will only drain whilst performing melee attacks or charging chargeable attacks' All others such as renzoku or small ki blasts will have no effect, only a time delay' If you continue to draw upon energy for chargeable ki attacks or perform melee you will draw energy from your "ki".

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Nov 24 2009 Anchor

Outside of the basic 6 characters. Who would everyone like to see make it into the project?

Jan 4 2010 Anchor

I would like to see Broly in it >.>,and the basic characters are:Goku,Vegeta,Piccolo,Gohan and?

Jan 7 2010 Anchor

basic character Son Goku, Son Gohan, Frezzer, Buu, Cell, Piccolo, Vegeta, Broly

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