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Game won't launch from Desura, does from terminal. (Games : Savage 2: A Tortured Soul : Forum : Help and techsupport : Game won't launch from Desura, does from terminal.) Locked
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Jan 13 2012 Anchor


Trying to launch Savage 2 from Desura does absolutely nothing. I've tried to verify the install and it seems to check out ok.
However, launching the game from the terminal works just fine, but whenever I try to start a game, it does not go any further than the menu. Any tips?

I should also add that I've tried both x64 and i386 versions (after the x64 wouldn't launch) with the same results. The terminal (start the game, trying to start a local game/tutorial/practice,etc. then quitting) doesn't give me any input but this (no error messages).

"warning: The VAD has been replaced by a hack pending a complete rewrite\".

Another bug is that I'm using a norwegian keyboard, and it won't capture my @ (AltGR + 2) button. Because of this, I am unable to create a new account.

I've also tried to completely remove all files and reinstall, to no success.

Jan 13 2012 Anchor

We confirmed a bug that the is not found - as a workaround for now pls copy that file to the game/libs directory. We will push an update today which will correct that error - but you might want to fix it right now. ;) We assume that desura somehow messed up some paths (or we set them incorrectly :/ )
You can copy the @ before starting savage2 and then pasting it into the fields - or you create your account directly on the homepage at

The errormessage ""warning: The VAD has been replaced by a hack pending a complete rewrite\". is normal as a few libs are used which will be replaced in the future. This message exists for years now already :)

Hope that helped a little

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Jan 13 2012 Anchor

Seems it works now.

What I had to do, was to select the "Login> I have an account" for updates to procceed. It would not update unless I went to this window (I didn't even know there were updates). After the updates, I'm able to play in-game. What a strange "bug"..

Thanks for all the help :)

Just a quick note:

Paste seems to crash Savage 2, so I had to go to the site and create a new account. After having created an account, I was presented with an email notifying me of a temporary password. I then had to go to the main site, edit account details, change password (even thought the password I had registered with, not the same as the temp, was the one I wanted) from temp, to the one I had registered with, which to then I was presented with a new email telling me to confirm my "new" password.

Just a bit of a nitpick, but isn't that one step too many?

Jan 13 2012 Anchor

You only had to login once ingame - then your chosen password would have been set for you :)

Glad it worked out for you though - see you on the battlefield :)

Jan 14 2012 Anchor

We changed this to a "click this link to activate your account" email.

Dec 1 2012 Anchor

Having the same issue here on Linux.

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