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Explore, Solve, Discover, Breath, Play. Sarcoex is Haunted is a free roaming, dynamic, psychological horror game. It has a creepy and mysterious atmosphere and design. The game is not full of "jump-scares", but rather play's with the player's mind; paranoia, anxiety, hopelessness, psychotic events and more. My name is Sarcoex Bloodrun I am diagnosed with schizophrenia and suffers in periods with high anxiety. When I am stressed I can see and hear things which aren't normally there, it all seems real to me, but others around hasn't seen the horrors I have seen. I just want these “monsters” to go away. My therapist have suggested I take some time for myself, take walks in the mountains or just go on vacation. I have decided to visit my fathers old work place, it is an abandoned research center in the mountains, I can't remember to name if the mountains, but I have visited the place many times. I know how to get there... Some say it's cursed, some say it's haunted... I don't know..

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Mar 5 2013 Anchor

Started on map "The Mountain". Based on Hagblebu, with modifications.
This will be the first map to be included in the full version.
More dynamic than the previous chapters as planned.
Added large monster in background, only black silhouette.
Added building.
Added interior assets to the building.
Added a ceiling lamp with light to the building.
Added grass and bushes.

Added generator sound in an inaccessible room.
Added lamp posts outside the building.
Added a large pipe on the back side of the building, with a pumping sound.

Added fences with barbed wire around the first building.
Added a barbed wire fence gate, which seems to have been knocked down.
Tweaked the terrain around the first building so the fences would be in the ground and not floating.
Added batteries on the desk inside the first building.
Made the "scream" monster a bit taller.
Fixed the ground around the blood dam.

Added batteries on the ground, outside of the first building.
Limited battery on the flashlight.
Added pickupable batteries.
Added changelog.txt.

Added a small cave.
Added puzzle by the cave.
Added "Stage 3" picture in Building 1.
Added a graphical view of the battery level, with time estimated for when the battery runs out.
Easy difficulty level added (30 min of battery on the flashlight)

Added simple inventory.
Made the batteries to be placed into the inventory, rather than used when picked up.
Usable batteries from the inventory.
Locked the view when using inventory.
Movements are enabled when using the inventory (WASD).
Can look around, when using the inventory while holding down the right mouse button.

Made clearer which buttons to press on the keyboard for the puzzle in the warehouse.
Added a note with a code.
The note can be picked up.
The puzzle in the warehouse is now easier to solve, without having to know algorithms and mathematics.

Alpha1.6.7 - The Terrain Update:
Fixed sound overlapping bug, when picking up 2 or more batteries at once.
Edited the flashlight battery level texture to be less flat.
Edited the inventory hover texture, so it stands out more.
Edited the inventory click textures, so it stands out more.
The flashlight power meter now now shown with percent rather than exact time. More creepier.
Changed the flashlight to a more high quality model.
Removed the blackness. The player can now see freely in all directions.
Added a light to the monster in the background so it is more creepy.
Fixed the terrain by the first building and at the warehouse.
Made the "bloodpool" smaller.
Massive terrain makeover.
Terrain is now more rocky and varid.
Terrain retextured.
New start location.
Added a jeep at the new start location.
Battery added at the jeep's hood.
Added a simple parking lot at the new start location.
Added more street lights.
The moon shines a bit brighter.

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