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Explore, Solve, Discover, Breath, Play. Sarcoex is Haunted is a free roaming, dynamic, psychological horror game. It has a creepy and mysterious atmosphere and design. The game is not full of "jump-scares", but rather play's with the player's mind; paranoia, anxiety, hopelessness, psychotic events and more. My name is Sarcoex Bloodrun I am diagnosed with schizophrenia and suffers in periods with high anxiety. When I am stressed I can see and hear things which aren't normally there, it all seems real to me, but others around hasn't seen the horrors I have seen. I just want these “monsters” to go away. My therapist have suggested I take some time for myself, take walks in the mountains or just go on vacation. I have decided to visit my fathers old work place, it is an abandoned research center in the mountains, I can't remember to name if the mountains, but I have visited the place many times. I know how to get there... Some say it's cursed, some say it's haunted... I don't know..

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Alpha 1.6.8 (Games : Sarcoex is Haunted : Forum : Patch Notes : Alpha 1.6.8) Locked
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Apr 15 2013 Anchor


  • Save and Pause menu
  • The player is able to run
  • More gameplay additions
  • More events
  • More puzzles
  • A monster is stalking the player
  • More pickup-able objects, even those that you don't need
  • More physic objects, that can be dragged around and added to the inventory
  • Inventory items can be dropped
  • Adjust the flashlight radius by scrolling
  • The flashlight can be turned off and on
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