Sanko Lineage : Open Door is a cyberpunk action adventure about an ex-government agent, cyborg called Sanko of the Sanko Lineage whom lives in a galaxy occupied by cyborgs, his ancestors are nearly famous for their work well done for the government on one of the seven planets. They were loyal and able, a welcoming combination of qualities for the authorities. Whilst on his last mission, Sanko discovered nasty truth about his employer and decided to go. He gives in his resignation, leaves his family tradition behind and sets off to a journey home. His home planet is waiting for him. The road ahead is not going to be easy and there aren't many who want him free, he's too important for a plan in the making to be unobserved. As a player, you'll embark on a mission in which you can use Sanko's 3 force abilities in any way you deem appropriate, your main objective is to get home and rest on a rocking chair whilst watching the double sunset happen in this magical galaxy

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Designing the main menu is no easy task nor is it trivial.

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Naturally working on such important aspect of the game as the main menu, I start out with epic concepts...naturally.

These gave me a crystal clear image of the main menu, so I stretch my magic fingers and get working, pretty soon I have the first prototype :

main menu concepts and screenshots

As cool as it may be, I wasn't happy, mind you I still used the menu for a few days whilst testing the many gameplay features i dish out every now and then, but as the time went by I decided to overhaul the menu. Give it that extra "Spicier then Death" seasoning we all love to put on our sibling's birthday cake. This time I stretched my magic toes and...

main menu concepts and screenshots

A more dynamic and aesthetically entertaining menu came out! This menu was built around Sanko's floating figure and for I wouldn't want to take any angle away from the end-user I made it so that the X position of the mouse relative to the width of the screen is linked to the rotation of the camera.
In other terms, if you move the mouse left, the camera rotates left and if you move the mouse right, the camera goes right.

And lastly, after a certain amount of time I realized the necessity of a pause menu, one thing lead to another, several thousands cows once chewed and 4x digested a ton of grass and I was enjoying the sparkling pause menu.

current pause menu

That is it for this update, I have recently found a gui library called the bgui and I may be porting all of my GUI over once i get the first level done. The level 1 is nearing its completion, just a few more touches to it and it's ready for some heavy-duty testing.
Sanko Lineage, Krystof Klestil. Peace


Hey, how come I didn't say how great this game looks!? To fix it: Sanko Lineage looks great! :D

Also, glad to finally find someone who takes care with little details like menu. You know, big ideas define the game, but little details make the game great.

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blackmodeler Author

I know exactly what you mean, thanks for the compliments man, glad you like it. Let me know if you have ideas that could improve the game, I always welcome those things :D

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Well, I had a look on Sanko. Usually I have whole loads of ideas, but I can't find anything to improve here! Good job!

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