Salt the Earth is a fantasy-based multi-unit arena-brawler that focuses on ranked competitive play. Players who perform well on the ladder will earn the right to vote on weekly unit balance patches. In this game, the players balance the game. Salt the Earth currently features 5 races: Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Undead, and Demons. The plan is to release the game in 2019 on Steam, and then to continue to grow the game content with low-cost DLC packages that add new races like Giants, Minotaurs, Elves, and more. The game is currently in rapid development, and our site is updated to show-off new content every few days.

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A summary of the changes recently made to the Dwarfs.

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Dwarfs Update

We've recently finished overhauling all of the Dwarf units' abilities, completing yet another major part of the massive abilities overhaul sprint. With this update, we only have the Orc and Demon races to update before we begin work on development of new features, and pushing the game to a public testing stage.

Seige Mortar Update

Seige Mortar (a long range attack on the Artillery Golem) received an update recently. We've reduced the number of projectiles from 4 to 3, but increase the damage to compensate for this change. Additionally, we've added a new modifier ability called Incendiary Mortar, which you can see below. Incendiary Mortar causes the projectiles fired by the Seige Mortar to leave behind a burning patch of ground, dealing additional damage and setting enemies on fire.

Sapphrine Potion

Previously Sapphrine Potion was an ability that restored mana to the Runesmith. Unfortunately, there are few scenarios where the Runesmith runs out of mana, so we've re-worked this ability. Now, upon reaching 40% health, the Runesmith drinks a potion gaining the hardness of Sapphires, reducing physical damage taken by 90% and magic damage by 60% for 15 seconds.

Rune of Iron

Rune of Iron received some visual tweaks, as well as a quality-of-life improvement. Now, only a single cast of Rune of Iron is required to achieve the full effect. Previously, this effect stacked up to two times.

Landmine Update

The landmine ability has struggled to make its way into gameplay recently due to being an ability that is hard to use. We've modified Landmine to function differently. Now, landmines are thrown out up to 12 meters. Additionally, instead of placing a single landmine, the Engineer now places up to 3 landmines in a single use. Lastly, we've added new modifier ability called Capacitor Landmine, which replaces the damage component of Landmine with a 6 second snare that does not break on damage.

Coming Up Next

Next week we'll updating the abilities for the Orcs, and we expect to get a lot of development done due to Holiday hours. Stay tuned for more updates, and follow us on these social media platforms. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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