A simple yet addictive multiplayer game where you can fight monsters and increase levels in 14 different skills. Come and invite your friends too, it is fun! Free to Play! Open Beta!

roman33333 says

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Having spent over 8 hours a day on this game over the past 2 weeks, I would count myself as experience enough to write my opinion on this game.
This game is obviously not for everybody, does not have the flashy graphics that most games have nowadays and is /simple/ enough to understand once you get into it.

The community is extremely helpful and any questions anybody may have will most certainly always be answered. Furthermore, there is a moderator or a staff member at most times of the day for any further enquiries.

After many years the game is still being played by around 300 or so unique users a day so it is far from dead and is being updated monthly with big patches coming out every few months.
The game is NOT pay to win however, you can drop a little bit of cash in order to save the coin costs on certain items like the firelord set, orbs of luck and such. You can also buy a 30 mn potion which increases the exp gains of EVERYBODY currently playing by 2x which prevents only the buyer of the potion to benefit and instead includes everybody.

The various professions, skills and crafting are very easy to understand and is well developed. There is an in game wiki which can be used when needed and new players should definitely use it and try to learn how to use it but can always ask in chat if they cannot find something.

I definitely would recommend this game to anybody who loves spending hours on grinding in a social, friendly environment.

5/5 from me.

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This game is a rare gem. It's fun, has a nice retro look, and plays pretty well! However, the true gem is the developer! He not only frequently updates everything on the game and takes feedback well, but he listens to the players, which a nice quality in any indie dev.

Feb 9 2013 by gannucard