What is RoboCritters?

RoboCritters is a frantic real-time multiplayer battle-game where up to 4 players (or 6 online) can go head to head, fighting in real-time over a procedurally-generated, fully destructible terrain. 12 different game-modes provide unique twists to the gameplay and require that players get creative in order to outsmart their opponents.


  • Online play fully supported - Up to 6 players with up to 4 local players per machine
  • Fully destructible terrain - Fight until there is nothing left! Tunnel your way to victory. Use land as temporary cover. The options are endless…
  • Procedurally generated landscapes - Utilise the interactive level-generation tool or select from over 70 pre-built level layouts.
  • 5 different world types - Each with unique visuals effects (woodland, winter, wild-west, gothic and cheesetastic!)
  • Varied tactical weaponry - Includes bouncy mines, player-guided missiles, remote-detonated cluster bombs, and of course, the nuke.
  • Jet packs - Attain air-superiority against other players or engage in epic dog fights to the death.
  • 4 re-chargeable energy abilities - From the cheap and cheerful 'Quick-Shield' and 'Mega-Hop', to the more costly 'Shockwave' and ‘EMP’. Will you use the cheaper evasive abilities or save up your reserves in order to turn the tide of battle?
  • Hop, dash and roll mechanics - Need to get somewhere quickly? Why not use a crater as a ramp and launch yourself using a mixture of a power dash and a hop, cowabunga!
  • Express your emotions - Taunt your opponents or show your fear with in-game emotes. Each critter has a unique personality and there are a total of 18 randomised voice statements per character.
  • Power-up crates - Engage in sporadic territorial disputes as you fight to collect these important resources.
  • Customisable game modifiers - Tweak the rate of fire, health, energy regeneration rate, and more..


There are 12 different game modes to choose from, including:

  • Skirmish – A classic battle where players must earn money from hits and kills in order to purchase weapons between rounds.
  • Dogfight - Players have infinite basic ammo and jetpack fuel. This gamemode relies on quick reflexes and skillful aerial manoeuvres.
  • Nuke Dogfight - All players have infinite nukes and jetpack fuel with which to unleash complete carnage against their opponents (and often themselves).
  • Basic Survival – Players must fight with only basic weaponry while attempting to avoid an onslaught of bouncy mines continually dropped from above.
  • Lottery - Players each receive infinite ammo for 2 random weapons (or for 1 weapon and jetpack). Players must get creative in order to win, sometimes against the odds.
  • Shuffle - Can't decide? We got you covered. This special gamemode chooses a new gamemode every round!


Curious Dimensions has been working in some form or another on RoboCritters since 2009. Initially it was started as a small project to learn the basics of 2D game development, but we soon realised that we had something special we wanted to share with the world. Development (and learning) has continued steadily through the years as we have worked towards a more polished and complete game. We have enjoyed playing RoboCritters almost as much as developing it and we firmly believe that our unhurried, ‘testing-based’ (cough) approach to development, has ultimately led to a game that, we hope, people will find finely-tuned for maximum multiplayer fun.

Non-Windows Support

Although initially the game will only be available for Windows users, we very much intend to get it ported for non-Windows platforms as soon as we can (with full cross-platform online multiplayer).

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CuriousDimensions Creator

Hi ledernierrempart,

I'm afraid it won't be free but we do intend to sell at a lower-end pricepoint, probably around Β£3-Β£5.


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i saw this on steam greenlight. is it a free game?

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Test your skills! Play the developers at RoboCritters this coming Tuesday evening from 8:30pm - 10:30pm (BST) .… T.co

Jul 28 2017

Check out a very fun RoboCritters game highlight vid here - Youtube.com. keep up the great work @robjnova! #indiegames #indiedev

Jul 9 2017

Last chance to win a free copy of RoboCritters. Head over to @IndieDB for your chance to win #indiegame #giveaway Indiedb.com

Jul 4 2017

Exited and pleased to announce that we have just launched RoboCritters on Steam this morning. Happy 4th July! πŸ™‚ #steam #indiedev #indiegame

Jul 4 2017

The release countdown has begun... 4th July! Store.steampowered.com #indiegames #indiedev

Jun 20 2017

Hello again everyone. Happy to say that after much hard work and testing, we've now finally set our release date - 4th July. Woohoo! πŸ­πŸ±πŸ·πŸ‘πŸ₯🐰

Jun 12 2017

Love it :-D T.co

Oct 21 2016

We've been Greenlit on Steam! Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement. Now to get on with getting th… T.co

Oct 20 2016

Check out our new cover artwork for our Steam Greenlight page! What do you think? Let us know :-)… T.co

Oct 10 2016

RT @IndieDB: Why is selling games so hard? Indiedb.com Great article by @thingtrunk #indiedev #SteamEarlyAccess T.co

Oct 4 2016