Build! Defend! Discover!

Build defenses using four towers and four traps. Everything (except the trap door) is designed to be tapped!


Defend the safe from six different enemies, all of whom will stop at nothing to get to that safe! Use tower/trap combinations to maximize damage! Freeze enemies and hit them with a boxing glove! Shock them and blow them up with a Pinata-nade!

Let's Fight!

Discover new upgrades and medals. Make new friends. Listen to the original spaghetti-Western soundtrack! And unravel a larger mystery that threatens to destroy Rodeo!


Level Select!


Inspired by Home Alone, Robber Rodeo takes an exciting approach to tower defense by focusing on activating traps and executing attack combos to defeat the bandits! Join Kiddo as he moves the safe, fighting off robbers, forging new friendships, and discovering an even bigger threat to the sleepy town of Rodeo!

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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We are excited to announce that Robber Rodeo is AVAILABLE TODAY(!) for your iPad, and will be coming to an Android device near you soon.

Time to get building.

You play as Kiddo, a young boy who has been asked by the Sheriff to transport the town safe. Their town of Rodeo has been invaded by a band of bandits, and it’ll be up to you to fend them off as you move the safe throughout town. To defend the safe, you have eight different traps and towers you can build on a top-down map to protect the safe room. What makes Robber Rodeo unique is that the traps and towers are designed to be activated in real-time, making "defense" feel more like offense as you shoot, freeze, and knock bandits around like balls in a pinball machine.

The Player can also pull off combination attacks, such as punching a frozen enemy or hitting a lassoed enemy with the Pinata-nade, to deal extra damage. Robber Rodeo features six different enemies, ten different levels, and an original soundtrack all wrapped up in a story about loyalty and friendship.

The Enemies of Robber Rodeo

Robber Rodeo is free for a limited time, and has no ads or in-app purchases! We hope you like it - if you love it, let us know! Join the Rodeo…TODAY!

Heh Heh!

Meet the Bandits of Robber Rodeo!

Meet the Bandits of Robber Rodeo!


The article introduces the bandits of the upcoming iOS/Android game Robber Rodeo! I cover their roles within the gang and offer some gameplay perspectives...

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Demo Gameplay from Level 4: Rabbit's Run

Demo Gameplay from Level 4: Rabbit's Run


This is a gameplay clip of Level 4, Rabbit's Run, in the upcoming iOS/Android game Robber Rodeo!

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