Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War is a real-time strategy game developed by both Stainless Steel Studios and Midway Games; it was released on June 12, 2006. The game incorporates segments of both third-person and first-person shooter gameplay, by allowing the player to temporarily control a "hero". Rise and Fall is based in the first millennium BC, and features four playable civilizations: Persia, Greece, Egypt, and Rome. The game includes over eighty civilization-unique military units, as well as eight "hero" units—of which only one may be purchased during a game. In Rise and Fall, there are two campaigns: one follows the conquests of Alexander the Great; and the other, the fictional liberation of Egypt by Cleopatra.

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10/10 no doubt it is a masterpiece.
Imagine playing with friends rts and BAM youre in third person with your hero killing enemies , and you still can control your troops with commands your hero has. Simply wow


With some flaws it is one of the best strategy games that I like even more than AOE series.

Best inovating game !


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After Countless hours struggling to get my cd version to work I just downloaded this and 10 minutes later it was working flawlessly. Extremely Simple and very help full. Would recommend 10/10 download


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