Riddle Clicker is a clicker game, but not the typical one. In this game, in order to upgrade your clicking efficiency, you need to purchase puzzles and complete the riddle that is hidden under the level.

Each level costs a certain amount of coins, which you can get through clicking, or spinning the wheel of fortune. Also, if that's not enough to encourage you to download the game, in near future I will be adding multiplayer gambling, shop and many, many more!

I worked hard for the past weeks and months to make this game look good! The game is still in development stage, but I decided to take it out to public so I can get some reviews and develop it while you, as people who downloaded the game, would test, have fun and enjoy it! Release date was 25/08/2018, since that time I made a ton of changes to the game. All changes are listed below, so you can think by yourself, how much I am putting into making this game something that people will enjoy! And also, game is totally free, with ads that give you tons in return.

CHANGES SINCE THE 25/08/2018(release date)

  • Roulette
  • Wheel of fortune
  • More levels
  • Better looking clicking scene
  • Changed tonnes of graphics

I am working alone on this project, being a developer that works alone is hard, as I have to provide myself everything on my own. I am not even close to being good at making arts or graphics, that's why the game looks how it looks. Although, I am trying to put 100% of my time into this with a hope that someone will appreciate it.

Thanks for reading, and you're welcome to make your opinions on Google Play, or even directly to me through the email!

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Riddle Clicker - Click & Think

Riddle Clicker - Game, where clicking isn't the most important thing. In this game, you click to get coins, which you can spend on either new levels or gambling! Updates every day, in which I always make at least one new level!

Although of the big popularity of clicker games, and a vast collection of them, I decided to make my own. Through the entire history of Google Play, I've never stood upon a game, that was a clicker and had riddles instead of normal shop. After short period of time, I decided to take my thoughts out of my brain, and put it inside the game. Creation of this game took a lot of time, because the whole product is made by me. That's also worth to mention, that the game is my first ever created, so I had to put 110% into making it. Daily I spend lots of time, creating the game but also playing, and enjoying it. You should also try it out!

Game has not been completed yet, that's why there are daily updates. Each day I am bringing something new into the game, and I will, for the next eternities.

The game for now, has few options to choose from. Let's start from clicking!

Clicking scene

Above, you can see the clicking scene, which is almost the most important thing in the game. You click using you finger (you can use as many fingers as you want). Randomly, between a minute and more than five-six minutes, a coin will pop up, which upon clicking on it, gives random amount of coins! P/C is your clicking power, you can upgrade it by completing levels!

Promo4 1

Each day there is one new level. I will be doing it until I run out of puzzles, but for now, I have lots of ideas for them! Of course, each level gives something in return, i.e. every single one of them, gives P/C! Depend on level difficulty, there are different amounts of P/C that you will get. Also, in order to get that level, you need to have coins, that's why clicking is important, but not the most important. Mostly, focus on completing the levels, they give you P/C which makes the prize in Wheel Of Fortune greater! It is probably the time, to show you at least one level!


Above, you can see one of many riddles. In this particular one, you need to type something in, but my riddles aren't always about typing. In some of them, you need to move something around, try to put it into different places, sometimes you also have to use google to search up possible answer! Many, many options of solving the riddle, educating yourself in a way, and having fun at the same time! If you run out of riddles, you can go and try your luck!


You can either try your luck on roulette, or wheel of fortune (I prefer roulette)! Everything that you see, was made by me, every script and every graphics (maybe not the coin or the smartphone vector but you get the idea). In roulette, obviously, you try to hit the colour by betting on it! I have lost many coins on roulette so far, so use your head and do it wisely!

That's the end for now! I hope I somehow encouraged you to download, review or at least spread the word about my game. If you do so, stay tuned every day for new updates, more people come around, more energy I get, which in return, let's me make bigger updates!

I am thankful for reading this, and I hope, I'll see you in my game!

Smartphone vector graphics: Designed by Freepik

Riddle Clicker v1.5 UPDATE

Riddle Clicker v1.5 UPDATE


UPDATE v1.5 (30/08/2018) In today's update I added next level, 11th. I also fixed level 5 and 10. In 10th, you weren't able to play, no matter what you...

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