Ricochet around the Galaxy in this dynamically brilliant breakout action game! Trek across 216 awesome levels, with thousands more online, earning new ranks in the Galactic Tournament, by yourself or with a friend. Play the re-energized Ring Game, winning new balls and ships with unique specialties to give you the edge! Control your ball with the wildly innovative Recall feature...once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back! Travel to the stars and beyond in your glorious quest to become the Ringmaster Grand Champion!

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ReaperAA says

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One of the best breakout/arkanoid clone. IT is the most content rich(over 70000 user levels) and script heavy breakout game.


Sam116 says

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Rated 1, because the Reflexive forum moderators owned them for nothing, and they also didn't approve my comment.

This crappy game uses the same old game engine as Ricochet Xtreme (I think the Swarm Gold's game engine), they need to think what they're doing. Menu style is the same, no screen resolution and detail level options in display settings, lol, this just made me to rate lower.

Better to play games that they're not approved by Reflexive or Reflexive Arcade...

Edit - 11/23/2015: Thank god the Ricochet Infinity forum is getting unpopular and unpopular than previous years and Reflexive forum is already down more than an unpopular and got buggy.
The Reflexive is just the worst company in world at all. You already know, who gives a fkin' piece of damn sh*t about Sh*tunflexive and the Fkingchet Trashfinity? No one.
Seriously, stay away from these garbages. The Fkingchet Trashfinity moderators are just selfish and no one trusts 'em.

Edit - 1/15/2016: Still same issues as I took a look from Trashfinity forum, they just have removed my account from that fkin' forum. I'm gonna make them fkin' pay for what they have done to me, fkin' Trashfinity forum moderators!

Edit - 7/10/2016: Still no difference; But, the Trashfinity forum moderators are actually disappearing, so finally the worst company in world, the Reflexive, is turned to a fully inactive company, I'm almost happy now. In all ways, never trust the Reflexive company or the members from it.

Edit - 7/13/2017: One year expired from my last edit; Yeah! Finally Reflexive is defunct! The Ricochet Infinity forum is inactive but a very few main members of it, are still active and will be the same till billion years later!

Edit - 12/29/2017: Ignore my edited reviews above from now, because the whole Ricochet Infinity website and forum are permanently down in Dec. 7!
I'm not kidding; according to some of long members that said on YouTube for this, they made a discord server for chatting, but however, the server of both Reflexive and Ricochet Infinity are also gone and no longer works!
After 10 years, the end of entire Reflexive and Ricochet Infinity are finally reached!


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