Retaliation: Path of War is a new and original hex-and-counter turn based wargame. It has been designed and developed with the main purpose of offering a fun and easy to learn wargame, without the complexity and hyper realism of traditional simulation wargames while at the same time keeping all the interesting and challenging elements of tactical reasoning. Have you enjoyed playing many matches of Riskā„¢ with your friends but often felt limited by its simplicity and yearned for something more? Have you been engaged in realistic battle simulations lasting several hours (or days!) and wished you could just get to the point and vanquish your enemies? Then you've come to the right place: whether you are a seasoned strategist or a casual gamer, you will love crushing tanks and conquering bases in Retaliation!

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shroomman says

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simple but good game
the rules are well formulated, but still a lot of tactical sense and above all luck is nessesary to acomplish some missions...
the luck thing realy ****** off sometimes, but its part of the game!
and sometimes luck is on your side


WinterlakeProduction says

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Very Intresting indeed


SteveButters97 says

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Not a bad time waster, but it's a little rough around the edges. needs some better effects, like a tank being destroyed is show by the tank sprite just flipping vertically, a bit silly. Free, so it's a good choice.


fm444fm says

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simple rules but non-trivial gameplay!
looking forward to multiplayer


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