Restorer is a unique 3D-puzzle game where you have to restore from scratch different stone statues. The Game starts in observation mode where you could zoom-in\out and rotate to preview statue from any position. After pressing button Start statue will break apart to small pieces by fare physics. Now you just have to restore statue. On the first levels number of pieces isn’t big and restoring time is small. But every new unlocked statue increase number of details and difficulty as well. There are 20 levels for now in the game. The Game has been developed on UDK, that allowed to bring high quality 3D graphics and physics. Restorer is available now on iOS and planned to be released for PC.

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We made a video with restoring few first statues. In the beginning it is pretty simple but then number of pieces increase and it could took some time to restore on statue.

We are now waiting apple approval for our free demo of the game.

Restorer is available now in:

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