Set in a futuristic Paris where a corporation controls people's memories, Remember Me follows female protagonist Nilin on her quest to discover why her mind has been erased.

TheUnbeholden says

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+It's so bloody beautiful. You can classify the game as a visual art, if you took high res screenshots and printed them onto a big canvas.
+It has its moments, of fun.
+I liked its take to be edgy and dark. It keeps the tone throughout the game which although I can admire, as it takes on a sort of thriller movie vibe. I know some people will be a bit exhausted by how strict it all has to be. Can't there be happy moments, humor, or general faffing about?
+I liked the characters, and the moral questions brought up about changing someones memories so that they become the person who want them to be.
+Cool idea like remixing memories.

-The different moves you can unlock and combos you can create are severely limited...
-and the really interesting concept, the ability to edit the memories of other characters, is not explored to it's full potential. You do it all together 4 times, and we only scratch the surface of far we can take this... how far back we can can go. What memories we can select ect Realistically speaking there would be more than 1 memory that makes someone a bad person. Poor upbringing, constant torment over many years by a abusive person. Allow us to manipulate more than one event in that persons mind.
-Red ridinghood is full of kickass?
I know the one thing poets and authors struggle to, is to saying something that is beautiful yet sad and true at the same time. That ain't it.

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