In the year 2036, North Korea had successfully developed its first weapon of mass destruction, a nuclear weapon. Not only was this an issue, however,the planet is running low on resources. On March 9, 2036, six nuclear weapons were fired near most of the major cities that are west of Kansas City, Kansas.The United States never expected such an attack to arrive at that time. As the United States searched for a strategic method to invade North Korea, most of the European nations of the European Union had already been planning to attack the United States due to the simple fact that the United States had resources that Europe simply did not.

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Red Lands Kickstarter


Red Lands
Red Lands is a tactical first person shooter (FPS) game set in the United States after World War 3, The game is a single and multiplayer game with unique missions. We have tried to make the online experience seem different to other first person shooters, to achieve this we have made each map seem completely different to the previous map and it also requires you and your team to work together to complete the objectives that have been set.


We have launched our KickStarter to secure funding for the game so we can purchase better applications to use for the development of the project. We also are trying to get funding for things such as licenses and advertisement and distribution of the game.

We also need funding to start paying some of our developers to work full time, this will speed up the development process considerably as we will have dedicated people who can spend more time working on the overall development.

What if you don't get funded?

If we don't get funded we will continue with the development of the game and try to get funded again a few months down the line.

What are you using the funding for?

$2,000 will be used to pay for Development and Server hardware, website, and servers

$5,000 will cover All Tool and Engine Licensing costs for development!

$5,000 will be used for advertising, marketing,Distribution Costs, and legal(copyrighting, trademarking, etc.)

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