The war isn't over!

Prepare for a battle against the terrorist organization "The Zone". Prevent the organization from manufactoring and launching a bio nuclear weapon - And do it fast!

Use your ducted fan helicoptor to seek out and destroy The zone's factories, their air defenses, their boats and land vehicles and protect your aircraft carrier from violent attacks.

Retro arcade gaming

This game is a tribute to the old classic arcade games of the 80's playing in a 2D topdown view of the procedurally generated gameworld. You helicoptor can be equipped with a large arsenal of deadly weapons and countermeasures to help you in the quest of taking down this menace. But beware, your enemy is intelligent and backed by the newest technology to protect itself and its production facilities. You will encounter anti-aircraft guns, anti-aircraft missiles, radar jammers, fast attack boats, fighter jets, bomber jets and tanks.

This game isn't easy! So to help you in your assignment, you will be able to buy upgrades which greatly enhances your chances of success!

Civilian casualties

You must do whatever you can to protect the civilian population inhabiting the islands - Killing civilians will only help your enemy!

You will be busy!

Your have a multirole in this game. And it wont be easy. You will have to:

  • Attack enemy facilities on land in order to cripple their ability to construct a deadly super weapon
  • Destroy runways to prevent the enemy from launching airplanes
  • Attack enemy boats and preventing them from attacking your carrier
  • Protect your aircraft carrier and support ship, as this is your main base for repairs and rearming
  • Find and destroy the super weapon construction factory
  • Protect the civilian population on the islands
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Raid on the Zone

I'm really excited as I will release my first game to Steam Early Access on friday july 10th. It is a remake of the old game Raid on Bungeling Bay, with a twist of Zone 66 thrown in the mix.

I've tried to catch the essence of the original gameplay from Raid on Bungeling Bay, complete with factories to destroy, a vast amount of different enemies to battle and the need to protect your aircraft carrier at all cost.

Beyond that, you get to be able to destroy everything on the gameplay map, just as you could in the game Zone 66. AND you get a lot of different weapons to help you do so.

You will also earn Steam achievements while progressing through the game. Some are easy to come by, while others will take all your skills to earn.

I have decided to go with early access, as I would like the community to participate in making this game real close to the original gameplay, while still being fun and challening. My current plan is to have the final version released, no later than Q4 2020.

Steam page :

Twitter :

DEMO is released as part of Steam Game Festival

DEMO is released as part of Steam Game Festival


The first playable demo is released and available from Steam

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