The game is set in a zombie Apocalypse which the player has to work through 5 stages to reach his village. In each stage the player will be up against hordes of zombies while trying to search for supplies and pick-ups. To complete each stage the player must find a hidden key which will unlock the safe zone exit too that stage.

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In my opinion, this game is essentially a re-skin of Doom. The levels and all of the graphics, guns, etc are different, but the play style feels almost exactly the same. Instead of demons you are fighting zombies. Just like in Doom there is no vertical mouse movement, or jumping options. The game is very simplistic in its visuals. Aside from the game feeling exactly like Doom, I would have rated this a bit higher, but decided to take off some points for the very simple menu. I feel like the visuals on the menu could have been a lot better with just a bit more work.

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