Quizz ball is a fast-paced 1-4 player futuristic sport game. The aim is to grab the ball with your tractor beam and then shoot the ball to score. Use all kinds of tactics and trick shots to get the ball in. The game is best played on 4 xbox controls but supports keyboard & mouse. The inital release (version 1) is a Ludum Dare #27 game that was created in the competition. The total build time was around 24 hours over the 2 days.

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Quizz Ball Released

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Quizz ball was finally finished around 11pm on sunday night. The game was created in under 25 hours as part of the ludum dare 27 challenge. All the assets, code and audio was made in that time from scratch. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. I plan on expanding the game with more content and online multi-player later as i think the idea is worth continuing.

The game features local multi-player (1-4), gravity power ups, tractor beam for pulling ball, ball shooting, ball stealing from players, goals and many other features. For future releases i would like to add more game modes, arenas and power ups. Currently i have some exciting new arenas planned such as asteroid fields, black holes and more.

Please Give Feedback,
Hope You Enjoy It.

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Quizz Ball - Ver 1

Quizz Ball - Ver 1

Full Version

Quizz ball version 1. The game is fully playable with 1-4 players and features 1 level to battle in.

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