Sometime in the near future, humanity has realized that resources are far too critical to be squandered. People are dying by the millions. The solution. Create a system of robotic-controlled facilities that will keep supplies running for those who remain alive. This works until the A.I.'s controlling the system go rogue. You play the part of a PROXY pilot who must put a stop to the madness. PROXY is a 2D action arcade adventure game, where you navigate through randomized rogue-like levels, power up, collect, and destroy your enemies in the name of saving ( or not) humanity!

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Looks great keep up the great work.

Wonderful game, especialy knowing that more awesome content will be coming out in the future.

Really enjoying this game.


Awesome. For some reason the game keeps freezing though.

Amazing game!

the best




Amazing game I'm going to play this forever!

a vote from a minecraftwb viewer go gary


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