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Hey there, it's been a pretty long time we didn't give some news about our game PROTOCORE. Mainly because we were busy to change everything in our game. We are now preparing the next Alpha test session to get some feedback from our community and test A LOT of new features.

But instead of talking maybe you should check this footage that shows a little bit of our new core gameplay:

Now, PROTOCORE is still a 1-4 player co-op shooter. But with 200% more guns! 200% more fun! And 999% more brain!

The main new feature of this overhaul is our Adaptive AI that is finally up to play with you by changing the game according to your actions!

We also have new weapons, new enemies and new gorgeous environments. We are pretty proud of our art team that has been given the very best of them during these 4 last month! As everybody else in the Studio by the way, you will see that during the coming Alpha if our devs did not transformed themselves into robots by the two next weeks.. We still have a lot of work to do!

Finally, and maybe the most important for you if you liked what you seen: new alpha session will take place between 12/09/2019 and 12/15/2019. Giving you one entire week to test our game and help us improving it by giving your feedback.

If you don't have a steam key yet, you should subscribe to it right now you and your friends while it's still open :

And if you really want to support us, go on our steam page and WISHLIST OUR GAME!

You will make our's french cheese lovers asses very happy <3

Protocore - New trailer and meet us at Gamescom

Protocore - New trailer and meet us at Gamescom


Protocore is back with a new trailer. You like robots? Here, they want to kill you. Take your guns and face the machine who learns of your actions.

Protocore Update #07 : Bosses

Protocore Update #07 : Bosses


In this entry, we talk about some of the bosses you'll encounter in PROTOCORE.

Protocore Update #06 : Nemesis Events

Protocore Update #06 : Nemesis Events

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Sixth article ! A good look at our adaptive AI with what we call Nemesis Events !

Protocore Update #05 : Protosyn

Protocore Update #05 : Protosyn


Fifth entry: NEW STUFF! Enemy power-ups and explosions, 'cause everything needs explosions. Also, purple!


I just found out about this.
Great work. Is this something like a Rougelike Shooter? I really like this kind of style like Zigurrat, Mothergunship and Dead Effect.

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