Projekt "W" (for Weltherrscher = World ruler) - "Phase 2" is a turn-based strategy game set in the not-so-distant future. You take control over one of the five big remaining nations and your goal is lead it to world domination. During this task you - Manage regions by constructing buildings - Manage divisions and military units - Attack enemy regions / defend your regions on hex-based 3D battle fields - Research dozens of technologies (to unlock new buildings and units) - Work on global projects to unleash them onto your enemies or use them for your own advantage - Hire agents, scientists and generals - Do espionage and sabotage on your enemies (including counter-espionage) The game uses OpenGL to render it's state-of-the art visuals and can be played either against human players (via hotseat) or against the AI.

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Projekt Welherrscher - Phase 2 will be released over at Desura on June 20th, so mark your calendars! It'll be the current (open beta) release already available over at IndieDB and as usual it'll be free (and stay free, even once the final version is released).

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The current (open beta) release of Projekt Weltherrscher (german for "World ruler") will be available for download on Desura starting June 20th, making this the game's (and my personal) debut in the world of digital publishing.

Projekt W - Phase 2

Projekt "W" is a complex turn-based strategy game set in a not-so-distant future that puts the five big remaining nations up against each other on the battle for world domination.

To lead it's nation to victory, the player unlocks new technologies through research, unleashes mighty global projects (including nuclear strikes), manages staff (scientists, agent,s generals), does espionage and sabotage, manages his army, captures enemy regions, constructs buildings inside his regions and much more..

The game uses OpenGL and shaders for state-of-the-art graphics, allows up to five human players (via hotseat), implements an AI for computer controlled enemies. It comes with a deep technology tree, dozens of building types and military units and implements a full threedimensional (also turnbased) battlefield where players fight over their regions in different regional settings.

Open beta release rev #170 New backdrops
Open beta release rev #170 Current open beta screenshots

The game also implements it's very own user interface and comes with an extensive tutorial that spans over 70 chapters, that goes into detail on the game's deep mechanic, so even newcomers to the genre will be able to survive in this hostile future.

Note : As with the first game ("Phase 1"), Phase 2 is (and will stay) a freeware game.

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