Okay peep this:

“In (project)Gear Jump you must get used to switching between 3 different types of jumps as you explore, escape, avoid and leap through each planet in our solar system. All wrapped in a compelling story about duty and only having yourself as company.”

I want to use ‘Runner’ as a platform for exploration and story, not just as a genre.”

This sentence has driven me for a few years now. I even have another project under that idea, but more on that in the future.

This game is more than jumping and ducking to get a high score. If I still have your attention I would like to explain the above paragraph!


The bit about the jumps

“Get used to switching between 3 different types of jumps”

I wanted to experiment with jumping. I asked myself
what if you changed jumps a little like you change gears in a car”.

Here is what I came up with…

examples of all 3 jumps allong with their definitions
*prototype, example of how the 3 jumps work*

Here you switch between 3 gears that alter your jump arch by pressing 'i', 'o' and 'p' on your keyboard. So nothing like a car (a manual one at least)!! But still cool.

Jump Gear 1 – small arch jump
Jump Gear 2 – long jump, low arch
Jump Gear 3 – high jump, narrow arch

With these constraints on your jump, you are forced to judge every gap and obstacle you come across.

*part of the demo, example of simple jump chaining*

The bit about planets in our solar system

“explore, escape, avoid and leap through each planet in our solar system”

Yes! This game will take you on a journey through our solar system. Not all planets are nice to be on. Since there are no enemies in the game its you VS the planet and everything it has to throw at you.
Experience each planet along with its quirks and traits.
You might even learn something!...

*part of the demo, example of falling into the level select*

...Or maybe you wont learn anything, I don’t know!

The bit about story

“story about duty and only having yourself as company”
character run animation
Please Meet Neil. Neil is from another planet in another solar system in another galaxy, he lives around "RA 0h 42m 44s | Dec +41° 16′ 9", cool right! Neil's character bio

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This game will be a journey through our solar system all the way from the oort cloud. This playable build is just a demo, it focuses on the first level...

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