Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die? Whether surviving in Knox County free-roam or controlling Indie Stone mascot Baldspot in his quest to save his injured wife Kate – death is always a certainty. Quite how long you manage to put it off is another matter…

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Don't let the lack of 3D Graphics and first person perspective fool you; Project Zomboid is about as true a zombie game as it can possibly get. In Project Zomboid, you're not supposed to kill zombies. They're not your real enemy. Instead, your own body turns against you, torturing you with things such as hunger and sleep deprivation as if your own physical form wants you to end up as a midnight snack for the zombie horde. Granted, there's plenty of zombie killing if you so feel it necessary, but Project Zomboid rings out what zombie games were truly meant to be: survival in its truest form.
Even in its alpha stages the product is almost fully playable, minus the story mode and online co-op.

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This is one of those examples of how great indie alpha funding can be... Project Zomboid is a real work of love fueled by a great community and great interaction between developers and fans. Even if it's just in the earliest stages the colossal potential it has for modding alone makes this a game full of potential. As for the game itself it has great music, and awesome atmosphere... It's a great ride for all the nostalgic gamers that fondly remember isometric games. And the structure of this game…

Aug 28 2011 by Broax