A space-based multiplayer "derp-em-up" game for 2-4 players, set in a miniature solar system with microplanets, orbiting a small Dyson Sphere. Race your buddies to see how fast you can repair your ship, and escape, or just try to use expertly built traps to squash your competition. GAME ON TEMPORARY HIATUS: READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR MORE.

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TheRoboFrog says

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It is a really good game, cant complain about much (I Got It In The Giveaway) but it took a little while to learn how to actually use all the controls.


zazanxors says

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While the game is a bit rough around the edges in its current state, I can easily say it has a load of potential in it. Dev is very friendly and works hard, and the game plenty going in to it.

(Full disclosure: I am a friend of the dev and he gave me a key, but don't let that discourage you!)


wouternagtegaal says

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