Futures are not built in leaps and bounds, the future is something always approaching. Slowly, the world of man changes and expands into the stars! The Future-Bound chronicles are meant to be a series of games each taking place in a universe that is meant to grow and change. The first game in this series "Project Mars" is meant to be a simple, traditional, 3rd person shooter with light RPG elements, not too different from outcast! The real heart of the game is to be the story, not necessarily the gameplay! We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are just trying to build one really well!

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While the team builds, I discuss some of the things we have already built together!

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Hello again, I thought this news post would help give some insight into our creative process! Specifically how scotthemi's concepts get turned into assets by the modelers!

We will start with discussing the wind generator! This was actually one of the most difficult things for us to create, the wind generator will be a common sight on mars used by settlers and farmers to provide power. We needed something unique, but not inhuman feeling.

For whatever reason we got really attached to the idea of the generator having three supportive legs, with this asset much of the work was actually done by the modeler!

The next asset is the utility cart, a simple vehicle that will be seen throughout the game in many places serving many purposes! It didnt need to be very complex, but it did need to be able to carry things.

Utility Cart Utility Cart

From concept to final the design hardly changed, although there are many more concepts that we are not showing here!

Now the land train was one of the first concept pieces we created, and thus it was one of the first assets created! This guy took a lot of hard work from all ends of the creative team as we were still sort of learning how to work together creatively.

Assets! Assets!

The final product is something we will be seeing in the game a lot, we have a sort of emotional connection to the land trains. And ultimately the land train idea helped shape mars culture.

Creating asset is a very collaborative experience with us, everyone gets a bit of a say in how it is created. The changes between the concept stage, and the final product are very interesting to see as a small bit of the modelers creativity works its way into what would otherwise be the solely the creation of the concept artist.

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