“Project Horizon is a game where you play your own personal Pirate, exploring unknown worlds with a pirate crew, dominating enemies, from vast lands to the never-ending seas, in attempts to pillage glorious treasures.” In Project Horizon the user plays as a pirate customized to the their liking and focuses largely on the concept of exploration. The player has the ability to choose their world's "seed" which will then generate an entirely new and unique world based on that seed. Every world is infinitely expanding, giving the player the satisfaction of never knowing what they’re going to find, what they're going to see, and what adventures they’ll experience, and allowing for limitless exploration. From the cities you venture to the treasure you seek, down to the enemies you’ll seek and destroy, Project Horizon strives to offer a new unique pirate experience.

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With Kickstarter we hope to continue the development of Project Horizon, so we can bring this game into existence! Check out the page, see what we're all about, spread the word of Project to all your gamer friends and pirate friends, and maybe even back us! Together we can unite the pirate nation!

Here's a link to the Kickstarter video: Click Me

Here's a link to Project Horizon's Kickstarter page as well! Click Me

In-Depth Feature List

In-Depth Feature List


We posted an updated feature list that pretty much talks about what Project Horizon is, what it's about, our vision, etc.

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