Project Earth is a single player and multi player game. It will detail the story of the human races struggle to survive an attempt at genocide by a lethal alien foe. Following these events the player will be thrust into the battlefield of earth viewed through the eyes of it's many survivors.

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A lot has happened in the months since our last news post. Before we begin, let me take the time to cover it all.

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"The Akkadian Maelstrom will take over your planet. Your life as you know it will soon come to an end." - Akkadian Warlord

A lot has happened in the months since our last news post. Before we begin, let me take the time to cover it all.

New Server

Firstly, we are no longer being hosted on OMS servers. Our team and OMS have gone our separate ways, and as a result, we have become an independent development group known as Cerulean Entertainment. We are still in the process of constructing our website, but you can still keep up with the latest developments here on our ModDB page.

New Leadership

As of this past week, I have taken over In10c1Ty's duties as Project Leader. I hope to be able to bring you much more than you have been seeing in previous months, but we are currently in the process of reshuffling our development team and building our new website, so please bear with us during this transition.

And now, on to the good stuff!

We are Now Recruiting

The Cerulean Entertainment Team is proud to announce that we are seeking talent to fill several openings for our game, Project Earth. But first, we would like to tell you a little about the project.

What Is Project Earth?

Project Earth is an upcoming FPS that takes place in the near-future of North America, during an invasion of hostile aliens, who use their technology combined with their inhuman intellect to bend lifeforms to their will, manipulating the very building blocks of life in order to bring forth unnatural horrors that do battle in their behalf. Their biotechnology warps the natural flora and fauna of the planet, remaking it to their image.

You will take on the role of a soldier while he is forced to make use of every last technique and trick he has learned to survive not only against the alien monsters, but also against our inner monsters that come out in moments of crisis, lost inhabitants of a world gone mad, and his own fraying nerves, which will make him question if the people he is trying to save are even worth fighting for.

As the story progresses, the player will learn more about the enemies´s nature and their dark purpose. It will weave fact and fantasy, using a backdrop of known places and U.F.O Sightings, to create a blend of realism and science-fiction to present the player with a fantastic but coherent setting, which will be reflected in its mix of realistic, and futuristic weapons.

It will take a page of the “old school” book of level design to avoid railroading the player by allowing for exploration and more strategies than one to complete a given mission, as well as environmental storytelling.

Open Positions

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

  • 3D Modeler - We need dedicated individuals to help us build our many assets. Our existing modelers have risen admirably to the challenge, however we need more to ensure we can make our deadlines, and so each modeler can concentrate on a given area.
  • Texture Artist - Our modelers have been pulling double duty working as texture artists as well. Since this is a fairly ambitious project that will undoubtedly require a great many assets, we need dedicated texture artists to help make our assets aesthetically pleasing, so that our modelers can concentrate solely on creating more assets.
  • Animation - We have a dire need for animators to help us bring our creations to life. Of special interest to us are those that can create in-game cutscenes, player/NPC movements, facial animations, and lip-sync, but we would welcome any assistance you can provide in this department.
  • C++ & LUA Coders - Basically, we need code to bring many of the features (such as attachments, game modes, etc.) we plan to implement to realization, as well as to handle more advanced character behaviors, such as reacting to the player's presence, sneaking around, seeking cover when under fire, and throwing smoke grenades to cover their tracks.
  • Level Designer - We need level designers to create the environments through which the player will navigate, as well as the mission objectives the player will need to achieve to advance through the game. Flowgraphing experience is a plus, but is not required.
  • Sound Designer - We need people who can create all the different sounds that the player will hear in the game as well as have skills with FMOD to implement these sounds in-game.

Application Instructions

The application process is simple and straightforward. Simply sign up to our forums at the link below, and create a short thread in the Recruiting section telling us a brief biography about yourself, the position for which you would like to apply, your E-Mail address, your Skype username (Skype is the official instant messaging tool for our company), and links to any previous work you have done (if you have any.) Your application will be reviewed by myself, my co-leader In10c1ty, and the supervisor of your chosen department, and you will be informed of our decision via the forums and/or E-Mail.

If your application is accepted, you will be required to sign a brief NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before you will be allowed into the private section of our forums, and begin your work with us.

IMPORTANT: By accepting access to the private section of our forums, you agree to be bound by the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please take the time to read through the Non-Disclosure Agreement completely, as any violation of the NDA will be considered grounds for IMMEDIATE dismissal!

Teaser Media

We've released some teaser media on our project database page. Here's a few of the images we've put together.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 500) Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 500)Image Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 531)Image Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 531)Image Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 531)Image

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-Cerulean Entertainment Team


this game looks fun is there a co op to the game... would make it a little better not many co op games out there now a days all multiplayer and single no co op

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In10c1Ty Creator

We will definitely take that into consideration, and may add a co-op. I do agree, it isn't present in a lot of games anymore.

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Radcliff Author

There are several reasons there's no co-op in most games. First, you need a fast connection to support all the data that's being transferred back and forth, which includes enemy data, positions, event handling, AI, and more. You'd have to send that data to every computer that's connected, so you're actually transmitting that data x different times (x being however many players are connected), and that puts a heavy load on the servers. Also, the bandwidth associated with that would be massive - many ISP's have bandwidth caps (thankfully, mine doesn't) and once you pass that bandwidth limit, they throttle you down majorly. And I think there's also extra costs involved when you use a large amount of bandwidth. I seriously don't know if we're going to have the resources for that kind of work, but rest assured, if we do, and we can run it smoothly enough, yes we will put it in there because it's going to make us stand out that much more.

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PM sent

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