Project: Amber is a Yet to be named game being developed by Earthborn Industries. It is a First-person shooter with horror and puzzle elements combined while being set in post WWII USA metro theater.

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Project: Amber


Project: Amber
Development Stage: Early Alpha.
Setting: Post World War II ( Alternate time line)
Location: Mid-Western United States

Backstory(Work In Progress): The United States and its allies finally won the war-machine nation of the Third Reich, but at a cost. The United States, Great Britain, Japan and Russia were invaded. All of the major population centers where set a blaze by huge bombing runs that mimicked what they(The Third Reich) endured during the start of the war. After the defeat of the Reich, the allied nations started to rebuild but with out keeping eyes on what the former broken down war-machine was doing.

While the allies where rebuilding their cities and towns the Reich was plotting their revenge by any means necessary. The SS paranormal, a little known division of Hitlers elite SS started diving deep into the occult and mysticism. With some time and the limited resources that they had after losing the war the found what they where looking for the artifact known as the "Tacitus" its is a giant monolith that was located with in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. When the SS Paranormal activated the "Tacitus" it seemed like a portal from underworld was opened. Soon enough corruption from the "Tacitus" spread and started to infect the SS scientists who where studying it turning them in to horrid mutations of their former selves. Hitler who was not killed, but was now in charge of a broken country which he used the powers of the "Tacitus" and Lance of Longinus which protected him from the corrupting effects of the "Tacitus", and let him control the demonic hoards that where being created from it.

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