Project-13 will take you to a paralell version of the earth where there has been a nuclear war, where the lack of resources is evident, you take place as a survivor of the nuclear war, urban and countryside zones are devastated, filled with mutated creatures and a deep cloud of dirt flying through. You will have to keep your thirst, hunger and energy, stable, as well as avoiding decieses and the monsters that the nuclear war left. You can harvest (a tree for example), build stuff, interact with other players and npcs, find resources (like a empty waterbottle and fill it...)

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[Done] Update 01- Going up!

Hello viewers, between yesterday and today i've made tons of upgrades to the base of the game, for example you can switch between 3rd and fps camera (Each one has different pros, like you can shoot in fps, but you can't interact with the GUI Buttons (No mouse) ) by pressing TAB, also i have improved the Questing log, making it more attractive , and now you can make multiple quests at the same time, also made a crafting menu (and system), you can create stuff on the workbench, for example, you have 4 wood, and you want to make a plank, you can, and then you can use those planks in the workbench to create something bigger, like a boat (Much more planks needed for this though). By the way, the game will have PERMADEATH, our goal is to make this a hardcore game.

Anyway, here i leave you with the features of the game:

Character Scripts
- Crafting (90%)
- Harvesting (100%)
- Resources (90%)

- Attack (70%)
- Questing (70%)

- Statistics:

* Thirst (100%)
* Hunger (100%)
* Energy (100%)
* Temperature (100%)
* Health (For injuries)
* Infected (100%)
* Radiation (100%)
* Reputation (80%)

- Travelling (BOATS, CARS, ETC.) (0%)
- Experience (0%)

NPC Scripts
- Interaction (70%) (Chatting by tiping not done)
- Trading (100%)
- Questing (60%)

Enemie Scripts
- Chassing (80%)
- Attacking (70%)
- Infecting (100%)
- Recieving damage(80%)


Items (Scripts)
(Water bottle for example)

I will be adding lots of features later on. Leave us a comment if you think something must be add to the game, or changed. There are no bad comments, hope you like what you see.
Att. Gozzy




Proyect-13 is new at the Zoo! Little introduction of who we are, and what we expect to do.

Gozzy Creator
Gozzy - - 7 comments

Sorry for not giving enough updates this last 2 weeks, i've been very busy with school and stuff... Well what i've done this weekend:

- Improved Questing - With P.D.I (Like the Pipboy from Fallout3)
- Weapons System improved -

Good and Bad news:

I'm re-starting the graphic side of the project from scratch, i've got 0% 3D models (i test with cubes) and 0% Animations.
Reason why? The models i used where free-models from the internet, and i don't feel like the game should be like that, every model was so different from the other back then.

So if any 3d-Designer wants to work with me, i'll be glad to have you in the team.

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Gozzy Creator
Gozzy - - 7 comments

Ok all three videos uploaded, hope you enjoy them :D

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Gozzy Creator
Gozzy - - 7 comments

By the way, enemies now loot items, you can craft items and props in the Crafting tabble (Wich is craftable too, but you don't need a crafting tabble for that.. duh' xD).. Questing and trading has been added to the game too... what else... Oh right, enemies are less dumb, if you shoot them from the far they will attack you, btw shooting has been added (In fps mode, if you have a gun and clips of course). Anyway lots of updates that i wasn't abble of showing with pictures so i made 3 little videos, though i forgot to show the crafting tabble and other stuff like filling your waterbottle.

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Gozzy Creator
Gozzy - - 7 comments

I'm uploading 3 videos of the survivor camp gameplay, hope it doesn't take long, animations are not yet done, and 3d models are not final... It is just me working on the project right now. Anyone that would like to join the team is welcomed.

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