Atmospheric arcade/puzzle game with unique control scheme. Story: Your ship's hyperdrive is offline and your only option is to find energy diamonds to bring it back online. You have to send an unmanded probe to investigate the nearby systems. Instructions: You can navigate your probe by moving cursor over beacons. With mouse you may also open doors and move certain beacons. Later in the game you can collect upgrades to your cursor (e.g. Paralyzer, Teleport and Reflector). With these abilities you can clear all kinds of obstacles. Game contains 21 levels each including hard mode variant and also an unlockable plus campaing. Entire game is controlled by mouse movements.

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Probe L reviewed


Probe L reviewed by Greg Costikyan (editor in chief in Play this thing -site) just yesterday. He describe the game very well and give some good points about the game. Here is short quote: "Probe L is a stylish puzzle game with an original control system, neon-against-black graphics, and an excellent techno score." You can read the rest of the review from:

Game also reviewed briefly in the independent gaming source couple weeks ago:

Probe L gameplay video and trailer

Probe L gameplay video and trailer

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DarknessKight made some gameplay videos. Here is Playthrough in Cyaneus -chapter: ...

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Probe L 1.0

Probe L 1.0

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Atmospheric arcade/puzzle game with unique control scheme.

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