In 1867, ASB was founded by a mysterious criminal figure. It was a private corporation with its sole purpose being global domination. Its intentions were masked to the public by the legitimate packaging business it had as a front. Another mysterious figure, rich, powerful and clever enough to deduce that ASB was behind the recent crime wave, founded WEC, a corporation whose sole task was to prevent the ASB from achieving their goal. Since then, an invisible war was fought between these two private corporations. Over the years, WEC had been slowly disrupting the ASB's operations and preventing their plans from being materialised. After destroying most of the ASB's assets, WEC sent their best Agent to the heavily guarded ASB Base in order to destroy both it and what was left of the ASB once and for all.

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The map editor is a feature introduced in v0.86a. It is a tool that can be used by players to create their own maps. It is currently an alpha in itself, and it will be improved in later updates based on player feedback.

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The map editor allows players to create their own maps by providing them with an empty template and letting them fill it in with objects, waypoints and enemies. The created maps are automatically recognised in the main menu and they will appear in the Stage Select menu. Currently, the player can freely place all kinds of enemies, waypoints, walls, arches, lights and keypad doors. Updates will introduce support for crates, keys, computers, aesthetic objects and map resizing*.

*Striked-out items have already been added.

Technical Details:
The maps are saved in .txt .srd format in the My Documents/My Games/Private Infiltrator/Custom Maps folder, and they are easy to distribute to your friends. A text parser has been written to "encode" and "decode" the level data to and from plain text.

Technical details regarding the way the maps are saved follow:

Each object is saved along with some parameters to ensure that all the neccessary data gets saved.
The parser distinguishes between objects and parameters via the use of certain characters:
** - Is used to separate different objects.
Example: Arch**Wall**Enemy

~ - Is used to separate between an object's type and its parameters.
Example: Arch~Parameters
Example<sup>2</sup>: Arch~Parameters**Wall~Parameters

| - Is used to separate between different object parameters.
Example: Name|Position|Rotation
Example<sup>2</sup>: Arch~Name|Position|RotationY
Example<sup>3</sup>: Arch~Name|Position|RotationY**Enemy~Name|Position|Waypoints

, - Is used to separate between sub-parameters.
Example: posX,posY,posZ
Example<sup>2</sup>: Name|posX,posY,posZ|RotationY

Saved Level Example:

The text above produces this map as a result.


Thats really awesome! Love to build maps in games. Hope, its not to hard to learn.

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just started playing this game again- its really a gem.

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