The Kingdom is a happy place, where people laugh and have fun, and have no cares for material goods. But one day, an Evil Wizard put a curse on the Kingdom, and made everyone become greedy and selfish. The Princess is the only one who can save the day! She must journey across exotic lands, solving puzzles and finally defeating the Evil Wizard, to save her people.

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The main problems brought up were the little things I wouldn’t notice. Or rather, certain items that can be interacted with have a glow effect around them. However I neglected to realise that people would try to interact with glowing items before they should.

Obviously I need to make sure items only have a glow around them once they can be used.

I am going to work on creating a UI, displaying the current objective, and any items currently in the player’s possession. The pop-ups I had created are not good enough, as they disappear too quickly and they do not return.

It was suggested that I knock some of the levels into one, making fewer, but longer levels. This is because the narrative seems to jump about a bit, and it’s over a bit too quickly. That will be a long term goal.

For now, I will sort out the smaller problems and continue to test it, and hopefully upload a demo to here next weekend.

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