Set in ancient Persia. While the sultan is fighting a war in a foreign land, his vizier Jaffar, a wizard, seizes power. Jaffar's only obstacle to the throne is the Sultan's daughter. Jaffar locks her in a tower and orders her, under threat of execution, to become his wife. The game's nameless protagonist, whom the Princess loves, is thrown into the palace dungeons. He must escape the dungeons and go to the palace tower, defeating Jaffar and freeing the Princess in under 60 minutes.

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Have you ever wondered what are the exact level layouts of Prince of Persia for DOS or SNES? Or have you ever felt like creating your own mod of Prince of Persia for DOS or SNES? The new version 3.8 of level editor apoplexy can help you with this and more!

apoplexy is an intuitive and interactive user interface for modding Prince of Persia 1 (for DOS and SNES) and 2 (for DOS) that allows its users to work with both the mouse and keyboard. The application can be used to change the layout of levels, the tiles in rooms, the locations of enemies, and what happens when raise and drop buttons are being triggered.

Editing PoP1 for DOS

Editing Prince of Persia 1 for DOS

Editing PoP2 for DOS

Editing Prince of Persia 2 for DOS

Editing PoP1 for SNES

Editing Prince of Persia 1 for SNES

Various level editor tutorials, including videos, are available to help you get started. Community support is available on the Princed forum, where the apoplexy level editor has its own forum board. An overview of Prince of Persia mods can be found on

A general overview video about Prince of Persia modding:

apoplexy 2.0 Released

apoplexy 2.0 Released

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apoplexy the Prince of Persia (dos) open source level editor released for windows and linux.

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dark prince mod

dark prince mod


only texture mod tor Prince of persia 2008. Follow the steps in the .zip file, and enjoy4 :)

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