Primitives is a third person survival/strategy game set on an alien planet filled with diverse flora and fauna. You must lead a tribe of primitive tribes people by assuming the role of chief, the only tribe member with the brainpower to lead the tribe to prosperity. To conquer the land you must defeat the king of the jungle, a ferocious beast with a ravenous hunger that includes alien and man meat alike. To defeat this beast, you must expand your tribe by collecting various resources such as wood, stone leather and bone and utilize these to build up your camp. The larger the camp the more members will flock to your tribe which means more mouths to feed but also greater strength to combat the predators that roam the land.

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learning curve is steep, I really enjoyed trying to survive in primitives. After a while you form a bond with your tribesmen and you want to keep them fed, as seeing them die right in front of you is sad, not to mention the game is even harder when you are on your own. There are still a few little issues but I think given time this game can really be something amazing.


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Ten out of ten,
I made a gameplay video of this:

I became a caveman, threw a spear into a mammoth's butt, screwed a wolf, went to space after trying to kill a deer, and died while trying to swim - because swimming wasn't invented back then.


I love this game. Although it clearly has a long way to go in development the ideas are great and the game-play is quite addictive. I am really looking forward to following releases and seeing where this goes.


Very enjoyable game, little sticky to start with. But i was surprised how much I came to care for my tribe and character in a game with no dialogue. The game still has a way to go but it oozes potential.

Despite the name, Primitives is a remarkably sophisticated game for debutant game developers Ugly Stick. It is survival game - death comes quickly to the ill-prepared - but the learning curve is easy to adjust to, and after 10 minutes of playing you will care less about your own survival, and more about the precarious survival of your tribe, as they attempt to eke out a living on the desolate savannah.

The visuals are top notch. The landscape is beautiful, but it is the attention to character movement and detail that draws the eye - mammoths meandering on the plain; drop sites filling progressively as the game proceeds; artistically rendered tutorial screens. A lot of time has clearly gone into developing a distinctive style for 'Primitives', and it has paid off.

The game is still in the early stages of development, and there are still creases to be ironed out - the monster is less monstrous than absent minded, rushing into the camp arms flailing like he just wants to borrow a cup of sugar, but doesn't know how to ask; and without a map or point of reference, it's easy to get lost from camp, to die a cold, lonely death attempting to punch a mammoth to death.

Despite this, 'Primitives' is a fun, engaging game that with a distinctive play and visual style that's worth spending time on even in this early stage of development. Well recommended.


As a casual gamer, I’m pretty picky with what I look for in a game. Primitives is easy to understand and to navigate, and engaging from the start. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into each of the elements that make up the overall story & aesthetic.
I look forward to seeing how it progresses with the upcoming updates.

really fun fantasy game and right now it has some really great potential in the future.But the game needs a little bit more nature and more build able huts different types at least.ohh and just a suggestion add save hint hint lol but you should be able to build a boat and go to other island with different biomes and different more powerful creatures or something like that.


I installed the game then i opened it and what i found was........AMAZING i spent 3 hours playing and it really make me felt like those people depended on me and i had to lead them to a better future 10/10

It's have some much potential. I love this game and i'm waiting for full version =) Keep going guys!! I wish you could complete this game without any issues.




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