Apocalypse Weekend begins Saturday morning, with The Postal Dude waking up in the hospital, his head bandaged from a near-fatal gunshot wound. The Dude's ultimate goal is to recover his trailer and his dog, and to this end, escapes from the hospital. Newly updated for Linux!

IgorPoulpupov says

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Just finished this. I liked Postal² a lot (the original 5 days), but this one... The begining, mostly Saturday, is not too bad, I had fun with most of the story (the first zombies, Bullfish Interactives, the cows...). But Sunday is just plain boring. Where is the fun I had in Postal²? Where is the open city? Why did they turn that great game into a stupid linear shooter with tons of enemies to kill, that keep on spawning behind you? Why did they want the player to always have to linearly explore the same maps 2 or 3 times with nothing fun/new in them? Even the final boss is plain boring - I had to spend like 30 minutes shooting on him (also, his shield stuff has been done in too many games, where is the originality?). They didn't even try to give a sense to the missions, like go down deep inside the terrorists hiding place and once you're blocked, no item to pick, just go back all the way. Stupid. And "these soldiers here won't attack you if you don't display your weapon". And 3 meters from there: "some new soldiers, take you weapon out, they're hostile!!! Too late, you're dead."

Very disappointing...

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