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I'm not normally a person who gives out 10/10 reviews to any game or mod as I am a relatively hard person to please, but some titles deserve nothing more!

Portal is a game series that I avoided like the plague when it was first announced by Valve, for no other reason than for the fact that it was popular and had nothing to do with the Half-Life series (or so I thought), so I just let is pass me like the wind. Eventually, I came across a sale on Steam that had the Entire Valve package for less than £30.00, which included the Portal Series, so since I had paid for them, I figured I may as well try them and well, I was not disappointed!

I loved the first Portal game, even though it was short, it had everything that I good game should have! Great game-play and a great story, and Portal 2 really improved upon everything that Portal 1 had to offer. There are practically zero faults that I have with this game.

It just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover and that just because something is popular, doesn't mean you should automatically dismiss it. The great game-play, storyline and endless fan chambers really do make this game worth paying for. Great job to everybody involved, it takes a lot to please me, but this was no contest!

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2011 best game !!

Apr 19 2011 by BlK