Pokemon Adventures Online is an online 3D MMO. You start off as a trainer in Pallet Town and work your way through the Kanto Region. Our first release will include all of the Kanto region, and most of the first 150 Pokemon.

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k33pth3b3at says

Great game for pre-alpha. Considering that it has not been in development all too long it is very well made, expect to see a lot come from this.


zodiacgaming02 says

So far by the screenshots and videos this game looks great! fingers crossed this game gets 100% completed unlike pokemon generations and a couple others??


chikolocko says

this game looks one of the best pokemon games that has ever came out.
this game is the game i literly dreamt of or at least is going to be that one when all the pokemons in at least the 4 regions will come out,other than that, a 3D game that u can do almost whatever u want and when u fight with your pokemon u realy use skills of lets say sniping and not just pressing something and the pokemon does it for u its a new revolutionary to the pokemon games,alot of games similiar to this game has almost came out but they didnt(im not sure why) and this game is the first i play in this system i didnt experianced it yet but it seems to be the best game ever.


ms07 says

awesome videos and screenshots would be best pokemon MMO on net plz release it asap hope future development updates will be faster and u will also gets lots support from players :)


maester41 says


Laioned says

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