Welcome to "Pleague: London 1665," an RPG pixel art game set during one of history's most devastating pandemics. The streets and alleys are swamped with the sick and dead, and only a few people are willing to risk their lives to remove the bodies.

As a body collector and graveyard keeper, it is your job to keep the city of London clear of corpses and give the deceased a proper burial. But this is not just a job, it is a means of survival. With the outbreak of the Bubonic Plague in full swing, resources are scarce and competition for them is fierce. You must weigh the need to provide for your family against the risk of contracting the disease.

Navigate the treacherous streets of London, scavenging for resources and trading with other survivors while avoiding the deadly disease that threatens to claim the lives of thousands. As the body collector and graveyard keeper, you will be in high demand, but you must weigh the cost of this well-paying job against the risk.


As you progress through the game, you will come across a number of NPCs, each with their own story and agenda. You will have the opportunity to make critical decisions that will impact the game's outcome. Will you prioritize the well-being of the city, the needs of your family, or your own survival?

With a focus on historical accuracy and intense gameplay, "Plague: London 1665" offers a unique and immersive experience of being a body collector, risking your life to clear out the streets, all for a hefty paycheck and the well-being of the city.

Help the sick

Burry the dead

Scavenge for resources

Design humane rat traps

Face difficult life decisions

Face ethical dilemmas

Complete quests and missions

Explore the City of London 17th century

Complete side quests and minigames

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Plague: London 1665 - Screenshot 3

Plague: London 1665 - Screenshot 4

Plague: London 1665 - Screenshot 5

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DEMO out NOW! On IndieDB!


Play the Free Demo Plague: London 1665

We would like to invite our dear community to check out our new demo for our upcoming game, Plague: London 1665.

The demo is now available on Steam and IndieDB and features a small glimpse into what Plague: London 1665 is about. We hope it transmits the vibes of the time and, more importantly, that people enjoy the short demo.

If you have any questions or encounter any bugs during your demo run, please reach out to us on the official discussion forum:

We greatly appreciate any kind of feedback you can provide.

Enjoy the demo and please don't forget to WISHLIST the game.
Thank you for your support!





Everything You Need to Know: Story, Demo, Release 🎉📅

Everything You Need to Know: Story, Demo, Release 🎉📅

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Explore Plague: London 1665 - a historical tale unfolds. Demo in April/May, release this year. Join us at Steam Next Fest in June. Stay tuned for updates...

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Plague: London 1665 - DEMO - WIN Version

Plague: London 1665 - DEMO - WIN Version


Uncover the Mysteries of 1665 London: Immerse Yourself in Our FREE Demo Experience!

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