Its late, and you need to deliver the last pizza on the list. How hard can a pizza delivery be? Just deliver the pizza, get the cash and return home. Thats all in this game. Or... is it...? More flavours will be added on further updates of the pizza. Seriously, its a simple task! Hardly 4 minutes of gameplay, if you can handle it... DOWNLOAD FROM THE OFFICIAL SITE ADDRESS PROVIDED IN THE PROFILE AREA BELOW.

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NutellaBucketMinigun says

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Super good game better than 2.0 i highly recommend playing this.
#Micheal Jackson

very good

When reviewing indie games like this, you have to take it with a grain of salt. Are the graphics pretty? No. Is it long? No. Will I play it again? No. That being said, I really enjoyed my brief time with this game because of how out there it was. The graphics harkened back to old PSONE games where part of the creepiness was how distorted everything looked from the polygons. It was scary because it looked bad, if that makes any sense. Also, I'm not sure if the creators intend for there to be puzzles, but it was pretty easy to know what to do based on the fact that there isn't much in the environment. It would have been fine if the main character didn't hold your hand so much.

Pros: Concept, Jumpy Moments

Cons: Boring Puzzles (if you can call them that), Hand Holdy

A very short game, it is seemed like it is not meant to be taken seriously, as some bits seem blatantly silly. However I feel there is alot of potential for it in the near future


Love it


NightSshadeGaming says

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The game is funny-scary I mean it's scary but in a humorous way. If that was your idea you succeeded really well :D It had some really funny graphics and it was a little glitchy (smoke through the wall and blood draining from the ceiling) but I already saw that comment that u replied to :) Pretty nice game, loved it xD


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